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Stone ground grits, one of our customer favorites, combines with a family receipe finishing salt for a perfect culinary combination. Carolina Grits 100% Stone Ground Whole Corn Grain joins Nons Pinching Salts, Pepper Complex for the perfect marriage of flavors and cultures. Southern tradition joins Italian! Ciao y’all!

Grits Galore

  • Product Details:

    • 3-packages 100% Stone Ground Carolina Grits ( 1 lb. each)
    • 1- Nons Pinching Salts, Pepper Compex (4 oz.)


    Add On Options: 

    • Keith Haislip, Wildflower Honey & honey stick (1 lb) $19.49
    • Fogwood Food, Blackberry Jelly (4 oz) $7.99
    • Fogwood Food, Apple Pie Jam (4 oz) $7.99