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- The HGB Artisans and Craftsmen - 

At Hometown Goodie Boxes, we celebrate the simply fresh, simply delicious, and simply wonderful products created by North Carolina artisans and craftsmen. We feel strongly that small producers deserve a platform to showcase their skills and handiwork. Many of our artisans craft their wares in small quantities to maintain the high standards they have set for themselves and their patrons and, as a result, their offerings are truly special! We're delighted to tell you more about these amazing people and their products!

"Fogwood Food LLC promotes healthy living. We grow crops that are superfoods; and we use local produce grown by NC farmers to make the finest quality jams and syrups with no artificial ingredients. Small-batch jams, jellies and syrups, produced in our inspected farm kitchen, are Fogwood Food's signature recipes. We are committed to using ONLY fresh local produce grown by ourselves or other local farmers!"

"We follow the golden rule, treating everyone as we'd like to be treated and making flour that we like to eat. As a small family business, we get to know and care about our customers and our employees, many of whom have been with us for decades and have become a part of the Lindley Mills family...Our Marvelous Oat Bran Muffin Mix is a complete 'just add water' mix. You can also use milk or your favorite fruit juice and add anything you like from chopped nuts to chocolate. While these are highly customizable, all you really need is water and heat and you'll have something great to eat!"

"Our Virginia style peanuts are grown, cooked, and packed locally in NC in our NCDA certified facility. We select only the best & largest peanuts to cook for our customers. Peanuts are cooked in small batches to ensure the highest standard of quality. Our business philosophy is: 'From our Family Farm to You'!"

"Our hogs are hand-fed special diets with no animal by-products or hormones. They are raised in an environment that respects their natural instincts and behaviors, with room to move and congregate in social groups. These practices make for healthier and happier animals, and in the end, tastier cuts for the table....Decade after decade of selective breeding has resulted in pork shimmering in rich marbling with intramuscular fat.  This also produces a superior quality fat–rich in oleic acid–that gives our pork a firm texture and a velvety, irresistible ‘mouth feel’.  It’s about texture as well as flavor. This is pork the way it used to be, the way it should be. We invite you taste the difference."

"We started crafting our line of skin care products by accident. We needed to find a natural gnat and mosquito repellent to keep away the bugs on the farm and couldn't find one on the market that was effective, so we got to work and created our own. The goats' milk, shea butter, and other natural ingredients we used with the essential oils to keep away the bugs were so good for our skin, that we continue to find new uses for them in our skin care products today."

"Our family recipe dates back to the 1850’s, having been handed down from Ginny’s great-grandmother, who built and resided at Historic “O”ak View in Raleigh, North Carolina. Our delicious Cheese Straws have been featured in Oprah Magazine. served on Air Force One and at First Lady's Luncheon with Laura Bush, featured on Weekend With Paula Deen, and many more!" 

Hello, and welcome to Sea Oats Candle Company where we celebrate the coastal lifestyle through hand-crafted home fragrances and bath & body products. I’m Alexia Chianis,the founder of Sea Oats. A few years ago, suffering from career burn-out, I took a leap of faith and launched Sea Oats. Fast forward to 2020. Sea Oats has grown to include not only candles, but also lotions, soaps, room and body sprays, diffusers, lip balm, beard oil, and more...all hand-crafted in Beaufort, NC. We’ve also adopted eco-friendly practices such as using 100% recycled glass tumblers, 100% USA biodegradable and sustainable soy wax, and donating a portion of our earnings to dune restoration. Recognizing our efforts, we are rated a ”Five Star Ocean Friendly Establishment” by the NC Coastal Federation, NC Aquariums, and Plastic Ocean Project.

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