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The HGB Mission


At Hometown Goodie Boxes, we celebrate North Carolina artisans and craftsmen who use their hands and talents to create unique, quality products. We feel strongly that small producers deserve a platform to showcase their skills and handiwork.  Many of our artisans craft their wares in small quantities to maintain the high standards they have set for themselves and their patrons, and, as a result, their offerings are truly special! Hometown Goodie Boxes is committed to showcasing these amazing products and providing our customers with the full flavor and experience of  North Carolina traditions. This is our mission - to provide our customers with these simply fresh, simply delicious, and simply wonderful products!

About Linda


Growing up in Eastern North Carolina, I was surrounded by families, farmers, and neighbors that grew vegetables and fruits, harvested nuts from their trees, and raised animals for consumption. Craftsmanship, ingenuity, and pride in every aspect of life’s work forged the lives of the women and men around me. At the time, I didn’t think there was anything special about the fact that our family meals were, by today’s definition, “farm to family.” This was, after all, simply life - we supported our community of farmers, artisans, and craftsmen without fanfare. We were part of a community, an extended family, and we took care of each other. For my family and me, this meant that we had fresh, delicious, and hand-crafted foods at every meal. Though I didn’t understand then how lucky I was to be experiencing these culinary delights, the tastes, flavors, and traditions of Eastern North Carolina have stayed with me and have framed my expectations for food as an adult. Over the years I’ve tried to pass these "hometown" treasures and traditions on to my own family and friends, and now - through Hometown Goodie Boxes - I'm excited to pass them on to you!

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