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Meet our new vendor: Sea Oats Candle Company!

Hello and welcome to Sea Oats Candle Company where we celebrate the coastal lifestyle through hand-crafted home fragrances and bath & body products. I’m Alexia, the founder of Sea Oats, and I’d like to tell you a bit about my company and why we’re so excited to work with Hometown Goodie Boxes.

A few years ago, I was suffering from career burn-out and the demands of my work left me feeling I wasn’t being a “present mom” for my young girls. Reaching the breaking point, I set off on backpacking adventure along the Maine coast – hoping to find a new, better path.

During an early morning I passed a billboard of sorts on the side of an centuries old brick building. In essence, it featured an old black and white photo of a woman standing on a beach, asking, “what are you doing with your life?” –It was as if she was speaking directly to me. Intrigued, I peeked around the corner of this building and saw it was the town’s local candle shop. Immediately, I knew I’d found my calling. I unofficially launched Sea Oats that moment.

Why the Name Sea Oats?

“Sea oats represent traits I admire most; ones I try to develop in myself and my girls.”

Since that leap of faith, Sea Oats has grown to include not only candles, but also lotions, soaps, room & body sprays, diffusers, lip balm, beard oil, and more… all of which are hand-crafted in Beaufort, NC. We’ve also adopted several eco-friendly practices such as using 100% recycled glass tumblers, setting aside a portion of our earnings for sand dune restoration, and using only 100% USA soy wax, which is biodegradable and sustainable. These are a few reasons we’re rated a “Five Star Ocean Friendly Establishment” by the NC Coastal Federation, North Carolina Aquariums, and Plastic Ocean Project.

We are honored to work with some amazing local business, most of which are female-founded (case in point: Hometown Goodie Box). Supporting one another’s dreams and watching each other grow is rewarding beyond measure.

Thank you for learning a bit about Sea Oats Candle Company and supporting our family run business.

All the best, Alexia A. Chianis

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