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Life is tough. We all know we should care for ourselves, as well as those we love, but hectic schedules and long hours make healthy choices difficult. But, relax.  Our “Sampler Box: We’ve Got You Covered "Sunrise to Sunset” Box is here to help! From the time that alarm shocks you into a new day, to a late day tea or cocktail, to a restful, restorative bath, this box fills your needs. Why are you waiting?  You deserve this!

Sampler Box: We've got you covered "Sunrise to Sunset"

  • Morning:

    Jo Mama's Biscuit Mix (2 lb.)

    Flat Creek Coffee Roasters Columbian Whole Bean Coffee (7 oz.)

    Fogwood Farms Blackberry Jelly (4 oz.) or City Farm Foods Blackberry Mint Jam

    “Spread the Love” jam spreader


    After work or end of the day…

    Lady Edison Prosciutto-style Sliced Fancy Country Ham (4 oz.)

    The Accidental Baker Seasalt Crackers (5.5 oz.)

    City Farm Foods Peach Jalapeño spread (4 oz)


    Bath time

    Asheville Tea Company's Jasmine Gold her tea (5 bags)

    Mama K Breaking Bath Soap (5 oz.)       

    Cindy and Ken Brockway’s Cedar Soap Deck

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