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"Hearty Breakfast" Box

Alarm clock?  No need when your family and guests awaken to the “come to the breakfast table” aromas of sizzling smoky pork, brewing coffee, baking bread, and ample accompaniments.  Our “Hearty Breakfast” Box assures an easy morning start for cooks and a tasty, filling beginning for family and friends.  Our box will stock your pantry for guests now. We suggest refrigerating grits and ham slices for added longevity and freshness.


Serving Suggestions:  

Try adding a side dish of fried apples! Slice good cooking apples, like Jonagold, Honeycrisp or Gala, allowing one apple for every two people. No need to peel. Place the apples in the same pan you used to cook the ham. Add about a half cup of water, cover, and cook on medium heat. Watch carefully! You may need to add more water. You want enough liquid in the pan to steam and cook the apples, but you don’t want to burn them.  When the apples are fork-tender but still whole, sprinkle a tablespoon of sugar, white or brown, over the top and stir gently several times, coating the apple slices in the remnants of ham bits. Apple perfection!  

"Hearty Breakfast" Box

  • The "Hearty Breakfast" Box contains*: 

    • Keith Haislip Honey (8 oz.) 
    • Fogwood Foods Blackberry Jelly (4 oz.) or City Farm Foods Blackberry Jam with Mint (4 oz.)
    • Jo Mama's Biscuit Mix (2 lb.)
    • Carolina Grits White Grits (1 lb.)
    • Flat Creek Coffee Roasters Columbian Whole Bean Coffee (7 oz.)
    • Goodnight Brothers Ham Sclices (8 oz.) **NEW PRODUCT**
    • Complementary Honey Stick


    • Yo Mama's Bacon Fig Jam (4 oz)
    • City Farm Foods Apple Pie Jam (4oz) 

    *The fact that our artisans often create their products in small quantities means that, on occasion, one of the advertised box contents may be unavailable. HGB promises to replace that item with a similar product of equal or greater quality.

  • HGB is committed to providing its customers with quality products. Please contact us if you are dissatisfied with your purchase. We will gladly replace or refund your box per our Refund Policy!

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