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RETAIL VALUE: $145.00 +


Every good charcuterie board needs a mix of savory and sweet, tangy and piquant, and salty and smokey.  Our Contemporary Charcuterie Boxes deliver chef-quality, locally-sourced food for the ultimate spread, for you, the ultimate host. Filled with cured-meats pepperoni sopressata, and chorizo, and award-winning North Carolina-style prosciutto, as well as salted peanuts, and handmade crackers, these boxes deliver! 8 ounes of honey rounds out the box! 

Not sure how to combine our Contemporary Charcuterie Box ingredients for an impressive spread? No worries! We provide suggestions and possible additions, such as cheeses, with every order. Order now, relax, get ready for compliments.

Contemporary Charcuterie

  • The "Contemporary Charcuterie Box" contains - 

    • Bakers Salted Toasted Peanuts (8 oz.)
    • Fogwood Foods Balsamic Grapehull preserves (4oz)
    • Lady Edison Prosciutto Sliced Ham (4 oz.)
    • Lady Goose ‘Nduja (6 oz)
    • The Accidental Baker Seasalt Crackers (5.5 oz)
    • Wildflower Honey (8 oz.)

    Choice of: 

    • Cheshire Pork Pepperoni (8 oz.)
    • Cheshire Pork Soppressata (8 oz.)

    **Substitution when selection unavailable**

    *The fact that our artisans often create their products in small quantities means that, on occasion, one of the advertised box contents may be unavailable. HGB promises to replace that item with a similar product of equal or greater quality.

  • HGB is committed to providing its customers with quality products. Please contact us if you are dissatisfied with your purchase. We will gladly replace or refund your box per our Refund Policy!

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