Nothing is more comforting than a hot cup of hot chocolate. Choose the luxuriously decadent French Court Cocoa. Warning-this is a chocoholic’s dream! Add cream or milk to cut the richness. For a more kid-friendly, less rich hot chocolate, replace milk for the water and omit the egg. All recipes are on the package. Want a little chocolate with your chocolate? Indulge in the crunchy coffee bean raspberry bark and enjoy three great flavors perfectly married. Made in NC by people with disabilities, this great bark is a collaboration between Gabi’s Grounds and Chocolate Innovations. Share these two great chocolate experiences or treat yourself. Either way, chocolate lover’s  dreams do come true!

Chocolate Lover's Dream

  • The Chocolate Lover’s Dream contains:

    • Two Chocolate Innovations and Gabi’s Grounds Coffee Bean Bark. dark  chocolate, coffee, raspberry bars 1.5 oz.
    •  Jenni’s Ugly Hot Chocolate (8 oz.) (1-4 cups depending on recipe choice)


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