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Your best friend deserves bath-time luxury, and our “Barking Bubbles Bath” Box delivers just that! Using the bath mitt, massage All Natural Dog Bath shampoo onto your fur baby. The essential oils not only make your dog smell great, but also help repel bugs as well as soothe sensitive skin. After bathing and rinsing, dry your special one with the super absorbent microfiber towel. Rewards for good bath-time behavior? Of course! Our all natural oats and honey dog treats provide a delicious “Thank you”! Now, reward yourself with a super moisturizing scrub using our natural goat milk soap. Finally, our “Please Save Our Pets” decal, affixed to your front door or window, assures your loving pet protection even in an emergency 🚨 ❤️🐾

Barking Bubbles Care Package

  • 16 oz. Bottle All Natural Doggie Bath (Ingredients: Castile soap, Karanja oil, lemon and eucalyptus oil, cedarwood oil, geranium oil and lavender oil) This product also repels bugs

    1 4 oz. package medium size oats and honey organic dog treats by Blanchard Treats

    1 black microfiber drying towel with a red silk edge (size 25" x 36")

    5 oz. Basil Grapefruit scented goat's milk soap

    One bath mit

    5.4" x 4.2" "Pet's Inside" decal that alerts first responders with how many pets are in the home

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